Game of My Life

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    Game of My Life Tennessee Volunteers
    Memorable Stories of Volunteer Football
    By Jay Greeson, By Stephen Hargis
    (Sports Publishing)
    In Game of My Life Tennessee Volunteers, several prominent Tennessee players of the past share their fondest single-game experience and memories, largely in their own words. In each case, it is the player who singles out the game, that moment in time which to him is the most defining of his Volunteer... [READ MORE]
    Game of My Life Ohio State Buckeyes
    Memorable Stories of Buckeye Football
    By Steve Greenberg, By Laura Lanese
    (Sports Publishing)
    A. J. Hawk can isolate the game of his life, the 2006 Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame, not because of individual statistics, but because of what the game represented. “I think the fact that it was the end of an amazing four years—four big Bowl wins; three Michigan wins; lots of victories in those four... [READ MORE]
    Game of My Life Georgia Bulldogs
    Memorable Stories of Bulldog Football
    By Patrick Garbin, By A.P. Garbin
    (Sports Publishing)
    In Game of My Life Georgia Bulldogs, several prominent Georgia players of the past share their fondest single-game experience and memories, in their own words. Some of these games involve championships, and others seem ordinary save for significant personal meaning. In each case, it is the player who... [READ MORE]
    Game of My Life Washington Redskins
    Memorable Stories of Redskins Football
    By Tom Mackie
    (Sports Publishing)
    Several prominent players who have worn the legendary Redskins’ helmet share their fondest single-game experience and memories. Sam Huff, Billy Kilmer, Larry Brown, Pat Fischer, Len Hauss, Mike Bass, Roy Jefferson, Ron McDole, Ken Houston, Diron Talbert, Don Bosseler, “Bullet” Bill Dudley, Joe Jacoby,... [READ MORE]
    Game of My Life Philadelphia Eagles
    Memorable Stories of Eagles Football
    By Bob Gordon
    (Sports Publishing)
    In these pages, several legendary Eagles players share their fondest memories as each one recalls the game that sticks out the most from his Eagles career. The games they choose may very well be the one with which you most associate them—a championship game, a playoff game, or a heralded comeback. But... [READ MORE]
    Game of My Life Texas A&M Aggies
    Memorable Stories of Aggies Football
    By Brent Zwerneman
    (Sports Publishing)
    Game of My Life Texas A&M Aggies describes, in colorful detail, the single-favorite game of some of Texas A&M’s greatest football legends. While each of these stars has different memories, they all certainly have a place in Texas A&M’s football history. Discover all the details surrounding these monumental... [READ MORE]
    Game of My Life Minnesota Gophers
    Memorable Stories of Gopher Football
    By Joel A. Rippel
    (Sports Publishing)
    With more than 600 victories and seven national championships, the Minnesota football program is one of the greatest in history. Legendary players like Bruce Smith and Bronko Nagurski helped the Gophers dominate Minnesota sports for the first sixty years of the twentieth century. This book provides a... [READ MORE]
    Game of My Life Miami Hurricanes
    Memorable Stories of Hurricanes Football
    By Craig T Smith
    (Sports Publishing)
    This book takes a personal look inside some of the biggest moments of Miami’s greatest players as “The U” morphed from a football program nearly disbanded in the 1970s to a national power. Three-time All-American and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Ted “the Mad Stork” Hendricks shares his thoughts... [READ MORE]
    Game of My Life Detroit Lions
    Memorable Stories of Lions Football
    By Paula Pasche
    (Sports Publishing)
    It was Thanksgiving Day, 1962. The Detroit Lions handed Green Bay its only loss during the Packers’ championship season. But the Lions didn’t just beat Vince Lombardi’s team—they sacked All-Pro quarterback Bart Starr a league-record eleven times. All-Pro defensive lineman Roger Brown recorded six of... [READ MORE]
    Game of My Life Denver Broncos
    Memorable Stories of Broncos Football
    By Jim Saccomano
    (Sports Publishing)
    How do you measure the soul of a city? In Denver, for the better part of five decades it’s been by the Broncos. From an ugly and inauspicious beginning to the first nationally televised Monday-night game in 1973, through postseason games that included back-to-back World Championships and five other Super... [READ MORE]
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