Epic Survival Extreme Adventure, Stone Age Wisdom, and Lessons in Living from a Modern Hunter-Gatherer By Matt Graham, By Josh Young, Foreword by David Wescott
Matt Graham, star of the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival and Dude, You're Screwed, details the physical, mental, and emotional joys and harrowing struggles of his life as a modern-day hunter-gatherer.

In Epic Survival, written with Josh Young, coauthor of five New York Times bestsellers, Matt relays captivating stories from his life to show just how terrifying and gratifying living off the grid can be. He learns the secrets of the Tarahumara Indians that helped him run the 1,600-mile Pacific Crest Trail in just fifty-eight days, and endure consistent daily temperatures of one hundred degrees.

He takes us with him as he treks into the wilderness to live alone for half a year, armed with nothing but a loincloth, a pair of sandals, a stone knife, and chia seeds. He recounts near-death experiences of hiking alone through the snowdrifts at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and reminisces how he entered a three-day Arabian horse race on foot and finished third.

Above all, Epic Survival is a book about growing closer to the land that nurtures us. Whether you’re an armchair survivalist or have taken the plunge yourself, Graham’s story is both inspiration and invigoration, teaching even the most urbane among us important and breathtaking lessons. Presented in paperback for the first time, with a new introduction from Graham and a foreword by noted survivalist and author David Westcott, you’ll feel the call to return to nature.
TitleEpic Survival
SubtitleExtreme Adventure, Stone Age Wisdom, and Lessons in Living from a Modern Hunter-Gatherer
AuthorBy Matt Graham, By Josh Young, Foreword by David Wescott
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSports Publishing
Published9 May 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
IllustrationsColor photos.

About the author

Matt Graham is one of the world's premier survival adventurers and primitive living skill teachers. He stars in Discovery Channel's Dual Survival, is featured on Discovery's Dude, You're Screwed and has served as a consultant for Survivorman and The Amazing Race.

Josh Young is a best-selling writer. He has written five New York Times bestsellers, two additional Los Angeles Times bestsellers, and three books that were made into TV documentaries/ As an author, he specializes in co-writing books of notable entertainment figures, most recently, Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me with Howie Mandel. As a journalist, Josh has worked for Esquire, George, and LIFE magazines.

David Westcott is author of Camping in the Old Style and editor of Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills. Formerly education director for the Boulder Outdoor School, he has been a leading figure in wilderness education for more than thirty years. He lives with his wife in Rexburg, Idaho.

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